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Legal Senior Associate

Job Description

The Legal Senior Associate will provide legal guidance across the full range of policy issues considered by Department of Policy and Research. The senior legal associate will locate and interpret factual legal information around government functions and operations; conduct research; prepare objective, descriptive, background, and analytical legal reports; and participate in department’s planning process.

Essential Role and Responsibilities

  • Analyze federal and local regulations, administrative actions, and judicial decisions across full range of policy issues and government programs.
  • Provide detailed legal reports about existing or proposed legislation, regulation or administrative actions.
  • Outline the legal section of all policy reports or agency/program investigations.
  • Advise on the interpretation of existing or proposed legislation.
  • Recommend legislation, regulation or administrative actions to enable policy recommendations.
  • Assess legal and regulatory compliance related to government programs and services
  • Assist Director in the dissemination of research findings through the publication of legal reports and briefs, newspapers, and blogs.
  • Assist Director with presentations, event preparation, and other research-related tasks as needed.
  • Provide strategic planning support, including drafting sections of research proposals, as needed.

Key Relationships

Internal Relationships

Daily contact with the Directors, Managers, and staff to achieve the objectives of PROMESA

External Relationships

Frequent contact with consultants, government agencies, attorneys and other stakeholders as needed.

Supervisory responsibilities

The position does not involve supervisory responsibility.

Requirements for the position

To successfully perform this position, an individual must be capable of performing each essential task in a satisfactory manner. The following requirements represent the required knowledge, skills and/or capacity. A reasonable accommodation may be made to allow individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks.

Education and Experience

  • A Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school with up-to-date and current license to practice law is preferable.
  • 5 to 8 years of experience in providing comprehensive legal advice to government agencies in Puerto Rico, around regulation, program guidelines or compliance.
  • It must also have proven competence to undertake research assignments with little or no supervision and have strong written, research, and oral communications skills. 
  • Experienced in proposal development, negotiations, contract performance and dispute resolution in connection with Government.
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of administrative law, corporate law and governmental practice and procedures. 

Skills and Competencies

  • Persuasion, negotiation, judgment, research and analytical skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Ability to analyze data and situations, independently develop, effectively present and propose, and successfully implement solutions and alternatives.
  • Must have an analytical understanding of PROMESA
  • Strong written and oral communication skills required
  • Government experience is a plus +
  • Ability to handle complex and confidential information with discretion

Additional information

Physical Demands

The physical demands described herein represent those to be fulfilled by an employee to successfully perform the essential tasks of this position. A reasonable accommodation may be reached to allow individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks.

While carrying out the tasks of this position, the employee is normally sitting, using its hands to hold or feel and grasp objects; the employee will often stand, walk, talk, and listen. Specific vision skills required for this job include close-up and color vision.

Working environment

The features of the working environment described herein represent those found by the employee while performing the essential tasks of the job. A reasonable accommodation may be made to allow individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks.

While carrying out tasks in this job, the employee is not exposed to environmental conditions of work. Noise levels in the workplace are generally low.

Health, safety, and environmental requirements

The occupant of this position must strictly comply with all health, safety and environmental policies and procedures and must actively participate in related activities of the organization. The occupant of the position will also be trained in any specific procedures and regulations applicable to the position, if needed.

This description is based on a management evaluation made in accordance with the requirements and tasks of the position as of the date of preparation of the description. This description is a general guide for the employee, managers, and colleagues, and does not include an exhaustive list of all elements and details of the job. Management reserves the right to modify this description at any time or change the tasks and responsibilities on a temporary or open-ended basis to meet objectives, timetables and recruiting goals.

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